Connectivity & Mobility

Resilience Issues
Public transportation
Freight / logistics transport
Policing to promote safety and security
Law enforcement

Resilience Discovery Areas
The city of Surat suffers from lack of enforcement of the traffic management system.
Coupled with the high growth of private vehicles, an inefficient public transport system,
inadequate parking facilities, and lack of pedestrian facilities, encroachments on
footpaths and road margins, and informal activities and small-time business activities
along the major corridors, have increased traffic congestion in the city.
Putting in place an efficient traffic management system and an efficient and adequate
public transport system are the immediate requirements. A traffic management study is
necessary to indicate a number of measures. These include increasing the public parking
and pedestrian facilities, improving the junctions and rail crossings, and provisioning
traffic signals and lane separators to segregate traffic.
An effective enforcement mechanism by the traffic police is also necessary to enforce
smooth traffic flow in the city.
The city also lacks organized public transport system. Absence of public transport for over
a decade has led to auto-rickshaws emerging as a major public transport provider and
an increase in individual modes. This service, apart from being illegal, adds to problems
such as unorganized operations, overloading, poor services, pollution, overcharging,
and restricted service hours.

Emerging Issues
• Rapid growth of private vehicles.
• Inadequate parking facilities.
• Lack of traffic segregation.
• Lack of pedestrian facilities.
• Inefficient and poorly maintained public transport

Gateway for Phase II
How can we engage people in creating traffic awareness?
Is there a provision for recruitment of additional staff in the traffic department of SMC
and Police?
How can we promote use of public transport?
Can we regulate the use of private vehicles?
How can the number of rickshaws be regulated?
Is there a need for better ICT for traffic management?