Resilience Issues
Ecosystem management
Environmental policies

Resilience Discovery Areas
Surat—situated on the banks of River Tapi, with close proximity to Arabian Ocean—has
a sensitive ecosystem. Industrial growth, and high population growth and density place
pressure on the ecosystem of Surat. Implementation of environmental policies such as
CRZ and enforcement of laws in industrial areas are the two major sectors, which have
to be attended. More green spaces must be developed and maintained. River Tapi is
depleting by rapid siltation and development along both sides of the river. To overcome
damages, options like river dredging should be implemented. The environmental cell
should be active and efficient in monitoring air pollution and water pollution, as water
supply to the city is dependent on River Tapi.

Emerging Issues • Pollution, especially of water and air
• Coastal environment and salinity issues

Gateway for Phase II
What are the environmental policies playing a major role in Surat?
What measures can we take for better implementation of environmental law and
How can education play a part in building awareness?
What actions can be taken for public awareness to maintain the ecosystem?