Resilience Issues
Community connectivity
Local identity and culture
Social stability

Resilience Discovery Areas
Surat is a city of industry and trade, and reflects some of the fast lifestyle patterns of
Mumbai. Some of the first successful co-operative institutions in the state stand testimony
to the fact that networking and mutual support are high among the Gujarati community; it
is even higher among the Surtis, despite the business-oriented environment.
Social networks are strong among most communities in Gujarat, especially those from
arid and semi-arid zones with a history of tough living conditions. More efforts from the
society and the government have to be made to have social connectivity and stability.
Regulations and policing are crucial for an urban system to manage a population that is
quite huge and has much diversity in the communities.
Communities are stable in Surat, but not connected well. To sustain stability, sense of
unity and cultural values have to be embraced by the people and administration.

Emerging Issues
• Non-availability of migrant records
• Community unrest: Reservation issues
• Depletion of cultural values

Gateway for Phase II
How can we engage different communities in improving connection among themselves
and in establishing social stability?
Which are the local tangible and intangible heritages of Surat city and how can we
restore/ promote them?
Is there any record system for migration?
How can migrants be involved in mainstream activities?